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08 July 2007 @ 01:54 am
hello! how did you guys spend NANA day?
06 July 2007 @ 09:31 pm
yay! so there's about 9 people going?:D hopefully there's no more last minute ones ^^;;
anyway if it's ok, please give me your handphone number so that i can contact you or viceversa! comments will be screened!

really hope there won't be any problems tomorrow :/ *am rather nervous>.<*
だからよろしくお願いします~ (hope it's correct xD;;)

just a reminder:
Venue: Fort Canning Park, Takashimaya for cosfest
Meeting: 2.15-2.30pm@City Hall MRT Station (no lunch)
Bring: 2 pieces of paper, bookmark size -- Write a wish for Nana, and the other a note or any message*, Umbrella in case it rains xD;;
Price to pay for Cake: $2+

*We'll be exchanging bookmarks on that day to remember IND by, feel free to decorate it and do whatever to it, just as long as it's presentable and related to NANA :D

maybe we'll also decide whether there's going to be dinner cause i'm not extremely sure if many are going for dinner. Also, I won't be going to Cosfest. So please go ahead without me ^^
03 July 2007 @ 08:23 am
hello! it's 4 more days before IND already! :O need to finalize things~ >.<

Venue: Fort Canning Park, Takashimaya for cosfest
Meeting: 2.15-2.30pm@City Hall MRT Station (no lunch)
Bring: 2 pieces of paper, bookmark size -- Write a wish for Nana, and the other a note or any message*, Umbrella in case it rains xD;;

*We'll be exchanging bookmarks on that day to remember IND by, feel free to decorate it and do whatever to it, just as long as it's presentable and related to NANA :D

P.S. PLEASE comment to this post! this will be the confirmation post! if you have a lj account or not, just comment! so we'll know the number of people coming :)

P.S.S. if you think anything is missing or have any queries, please feel free to ask too :D i am not completely sure if everything will be all right :S Also, is there any shortcut or shorter way to go to fort canning park?

Edit: Please state if you're going for dinner too~ ^^
25 June 2007 @ 07:39 pm
Hello all again :D here's what we've come up so far, thanks to various kind helpers <3
also please choose some options below each programme, if there is.

Time: 2.30-3pm ~ 7pm
Venue: Fort Canning Park

- Eat Strawberry Cake
Prima Deli, Bengawan Solo, or Polar?

- Chat and Phototaking
Suggestions for games? Who can offer to bring their camera?

- Pack and Head for Taka
by 3.45-4pm

- Dinner
at 5-7pm. Any place to suggest? Probably eat at Taka? Depending on the number of people going for dinner. :/

EDIT: Weather Plan: If it rains, we'll take a train to city hall and continue with our activities there. Is that all right? Or should we go nearer to Orchard so it's easier and faster to go Taka?
Also, please state if you're going dinner.
hara_itoe also suggested that "maybe we can give everyone a little gift or sth to rmb that we met on nana day". What do you think? I think it's a great idea xD Maybe we could give write a wish for Nana
 and we'll collect all, place it in a bottle and hide it somewhere (if it's not illegal). Next year, we'll come back again and celebrate Hachi+Nana Day! :D haha! opinions~ xD
25 June 2007 @ 12:13 am
heyz all!

just an update, i've asked cathay regarding the release of NANA 2, and the reason why NANA 2 is still not out yet is because the distributors have decided to change the release date for NANA 2 in Singapore, and cathay have not had confirmation of the date of release as yet. 

well, i have no idea why the distributors decided to change the release date... but they are sure taking wayy too long to decide... 
18 June 2007 @ 11:46 pm
hello!!! karayuquex and i have been discussing about the plans for 07.07.07 and we need some help. could those coming add us on msn please? :) so we can have a discussion some time, and so that we can easily contact one another when needed. thank you~ <3

ophelia_ayu - nightmare_707@hotmail.com
karayuquex - karayuquex@hotmail.com
17 June 2007 @ 09:13 pm
There's a little less than three weeks before 07.07.07 arrives. >_____<

After considering the "results" of the mini-questionnaire, I've come to this, uh, conclusion. XDDD;;

Time: 1pm- about 8pm / 10pm+
Latecomers are still welcome. =D
about 8pm is for those who can't attend night activities aka watch NANA movie.
10pm+ is for those who can. (not confirmed)

Venue: Central - meet at Orchard MRT

Cost: bring minimum around $10 $15 $25 (lunch + strawberry cake and perhaps drink + dinner)
Other personal expenses are not calculated within.

Programme (Can still be changed)
- Lunch + a little ice-breaking/getting to know each other
Any place to recommend that can handle a group of around 10~15? XDD And preferably cheap too.

- Eat Strawberry cake
Does anyone have any good strawberry cake café/shop to recommend that's in the Orchard area?

- Chat
We'll do that during the Strawberry cake enjoying session.

- "Photoshoot"
A group photo to remember the day sgNANA fans met up. =DD This will be either at the start of the day or the end of the day. We can find somewhere nice to take the photo~~ XDD
kinna84 and hara_itoe and others who wish to, (half)cosplay-ing the NANA characters would be very wonderful.

Apparently on that day, there would be "World Cosplay Summit SemiFinals" at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, with the Cosplay competition from 4.00pm-6.00pm and the Artist/Cosplay Booths from 5.00pm-9.30pm. After enjoying our strawberry cakes, we can go there and see? ^^;; For more details on Cosfest, you can go here.

That is still not confirmed but since it'll be until 8+, we definitely need to eat dinner right? Anyone have any place to recommend? Preferably somewhere cheap. =P

Unfortunately, screening of the two NANA movies are not very possible because of the absence of the place at the right time to show it, and a laptop would be a little too small for a group to watch it comfortably.

So, any suggestions on how to improve the plans and to make it more concrete? If there are any violent objections (hope not. >____<), you can point it out here too before the schedule's set.

And lastly, according to the post below, there will be around 9 people attending. Anyone pulling their friends along? :3 We'll do an attendance post nearer to the date again so those who didn't manage to catch the previous post on time don't have to worry.

EDIT: Forgot to add but. I don't see NANA 2 in cinemas yet. ;___________;

EDIT 2: After reading the comments, I've made changes to the cost. And also, I'd like to ask for your time by when you absolutely must reach home. If it isn't by 10pm or something, we can still watch the movie apparently. So...?

EDIT 3: After considering, we made changes to the time and added lunch (and ice-breaking) to the programme, and also the cost since lunch is included now. Oh and also extended the time. You can choose whether to attend or not the NANA movie screening. However, it's still not confirmed as of yet. XDDD So, any objections?
07 June 2007 @ 02:11 pm
There's only a month now before 07.07.07 arrives.

If Yahoo! Singapore Movies is to be trusted, then we'll have NANA 2 open on 14 June. Hope that's true~~ *crosses fingers* However, I doubt it will still be showing on NANA day, since that will be the third (going on 4th) week of showing if it'll really still be showing.

I made a banner to promote the event! Feel free to nab it.

And I think we should get ahead and plan more detailed stuffs already.
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04 June 2007 @ 10:09 am
hello! 10 more days and NANA 2 will come out! hopefully it's really true :/ cause i haven't seen any posters.
and so anyway! 07.07.07 is coming soon :D need to start planning stuff soon~ but i'm not sure if i can even go myself :S
28 May 2007 @ 10:52 pm
hi all! i was rather hesitant to post this, cos all these internet news somewhat doesnt seem reliable (after my previous post  @_@)

but, fine. may this be true ---> http://sg.movies.yahoo.com/Nana+2/movie/14161/

ACCORDING TO THIS, NANA 2 is gonna be release in Singapore on the 14th June, and its rated 'G', so everyone can watch XD.

Hope this is really really true! if not i shall never post anything regarding the movie here ever again. XD

anyone has seen other sources to back this up?
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